Minneapolis Top 25 PR Firm KC Associates and B2B Marketing Blog Webbiquity.com Join Forces to Offer Web Visibility Metrics

Demand for Web Presence Optimization measurement spurs commercialization of internal agency dashboard

MINNEAPOLIS – January 7, 2013 – WPO (Web presence optimization) is maximizing the visibility of content that appears anywhere online — whether owned (company-generated), earned (3rd party-generated), or paid (advertising) content. In today’s extremely competitive world for web visibility, there is no coordinated method for monitoring and measuring web presence in order to optimize it. The company’s WPO Metrics Dashboard solves that problem.

KC Associates (KCA), a Minneapolis-based Top 25 PR Firm, has been working with several of its clients on WPO since 2010 and has developed a set of metrics for measuring web presence. The company developed an internal dashboard in order to easily manage the 100+ metrics generated from monitoring numerous data sources using off-the-shelf tools as well as custom-developed data collection. Tom Pick, one of KCA’s digital marketing consultants and the managing editor of Webbiquity.com, is credited with coining the term ‘web presence optimization’ early in 2010 and was instrumental in helping to define KCA’s basket of WPO metrics and the dashboard.

KCA and Webbiquity.com have joined forces to form WPO Inc (WPOinc) in order to commercialize the comprehensive best-practices metrics dashboard for monitoring, measuring and optimizing web presence. The new company’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) WPO Metrics Dashboard is well suited for digital marketing and PR professionals in b2b and considered-purchase goods companies.

“When Tom started blogging last Fall (on Webbiquity, MarketingSherpa and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s small business website) about WPO and sharing some of the metrics we use, the response was really quick. People wanted to know more about the metrics and where they could get them — especially the competitive benchmarks,’” said Kirsten Chapman, KCA’s principal and WPOinc co-founder. “We were caught a little off-guard, but it got Tom and me thinking about commercializing the dashboard we use for our clients.”

Chapman says that as search, social, news, and other content become more intertwined, it’s imperative that these various areas of expertise use a common WPO framework and set of metrics’ — otherwise, it is too complicated to have a strategic view of web presence. She says that “Today if anyone is doing WPO at all, they’re using a cobbled together set of tools and reports and most people simply don’t have the time, money or patience to deal with it. Now they won’t have to.”

WPO is not to be confused with search engine optimization (SEO), which is the process of improving traffic to a company’s website and an important component of WPO. WPO includes points of presence that SEO efforts cannot impact, such as guest posts on other blogs, media stories, social profiles, online ads, and other points of presence that are outside of the organization’s owned web properties. Tracking web presence over time and benchmarking against competitors, as well as managing and continually improving it for relevant, maximum exposure is optimization.

“It’s impossible to optimize anything if you don’t know what to measure,” said Tom Pick, WPOinc co-founder and expert in search optimization. “Working on a team with other KCA consultants to do WPO for clients required us to use half-a-dozen different tools to get the source data to build the metrics we needed and the reporting wasn’t interactive, so Kirsten and I decided to build a dashboard to help manage client WPO strategies. It’s that dashboard we’re now commercializing.”

More on the WPO Metrics Dashboard

The commercialized version of WPOinc’s WPO Metrics Dashboard is browser-based and uses a secure multi-tenant architecture that houses a set of more than 100 actionable, best-practice performance and presence metrics, as well as competitive benchmarks. These are used to track, measure and coordinate the results of specialists in various disciplines, including content marketing, PR, social media, industry marketing, SEO, online advertising, and brand management. The dashboard also includes in-context information about each metric and why it’s important for WPO, making it easy to use for nearly anyone who understands marketing. “We call it the ‘consultant-in-a-box’,” commented Chapman.

The WPO Metrics Dashboard is in the Beta test phase. The company has filed a patent application covering both the dashboard and its unique metrics and expects to release version 1.0 by March of 2013.

About WPO Inc.

Minneapolis-based WPOinc (www.wpoinc.com) is the purveyor of an actionable best-practice metrics dashboard for b2b web presence optimization (WPO). Its patent pending WPO Metrics Dashboard was field-developed by a collaboration of digital marketing, SEO, and PR professionals. It’s well-suited for smaller and midsize companies that sell b2b and/or considered-purchase b2c products and services. The WPO Metrics Dashboard is a monthly subscription-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product.

Media Contact:  Brant Skogrand, KC Associates, LLC, Brant@kc-associates.com, 626.756.9764

  • What is WPO?

    Web presence is essentially web visibility—it’s about being as ubiquitous and easy-to-find as possible when buyers are searching for what you and your competitors sell. Any information about your company or products that appears somewhere online contributes to your web presence. Tracking, managing and continually improving this for relevant, maximum exposure is optimization.

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