Web Presence Optimization Innovator WPOinc Announces Early Adopter Program for Groundbreaking WPO Metrics Dashboard 

Demand for Competitive Metrics by Digital Marketing Personnel Is Driving the Early Release of the Patent Pending Dashboard

MINNEAPOLIS – Feb. 28, 2013 – Web Presence Optimization (WPO) is a strategic framework for holistically managing an online marketing mix. Web presence encompasses all web visibility — essentially anything that appears somewhere online — whether owned (company-generated), earned (third party-generated) or paid content.

WPO Inc (WPOinc), a firm co-founded by Webbiquity.com Managing Editor and Digital Marketing Consultant Tom Pick and b2b marketing and PR agency KC Associates Principal Kirsten Chapman, announced it is establishing an Early Adopter Program for the company’s innovative, Software-as-a-Service WPO Metrics Dashboard, which is used for tracking, measuring, and optimizing web visibility. The Early Adopter program activates on March 11, 2013 and will continue until version 1.0 becomes available in April 2013.

WPO is broader than search engine optimization (SEO), which is the process of improving traffic to a given website. WPO includes points of presence that SEO efforts cannot impact, such as guest posts on other blogs, media stories, social profiles, online ads and other points of presence that are outside of an organization’s owned web properties. Tracking web presence over time and against competitors as well as managing and continually improving it for relevant, maximum exposure is optimization.

“Now that it’s out there that we’re working on commercializing the dashboard that KC Associates uses for client engagements, we’ve been feeling pressure to make it available,” commented COO Kirsten Chapman. “From a business perspective, that’s good news. But we want to make sure the customer experience is consistently a good one. By positioning this product release for early adopters, we can manage experiential expectations.”

Competitive WPO Metrics Are Driving Early Release

Chapman says that establishing the Early Adopter Program is a direct result of people wanting to get access to the metrics, especially the proprietary competitive benchmarks, which make it possible to reverse-engineer competitors’ online marketing strategies.

“The Web is an extremely competitive world. Early adopters aren’t worried about an unattractive Scorecard screen as long as the data is good. As far as the yet-to-be deployed in-context metrics descriptions, they’re more for those who need more guidance in interpreting metrics, which typically isn’t important for the early user type.”

Early Adopter Program

Beginning March 11, 2013, the Early Adopter Program is a way to get started using the WPO Metrics Dashboard for people who are anxious to have access to the actionable, best-practice WPO metrics. In particular demand are the competitive benchmarks that track and measure competitors’ online marketing activities.

Early Adopters will be able to make use of nearly all of the 100+ best-practice WPO performance indicators, presence metrics and competitive benchmarks scoped for version 1.0. Key elements that are not yet complete are the Scorecard interface and the in-context metrics descriptions. The company expects to have these final features ready in Q2 2013.

WPO Metrics Dashboard pricing in the Early Adopter Program: standard $4,500 setup fee plus a reduced subscription fee for one year of $1,250 per month (regular subscription fee is $1,450 per month).

For organizations and agencies interested in getting early access to the WPO Metrics Dashboard, contact Kirsten Chapman at 763.449.0444.

About WPO Inc

Minneapolis-based WPOinc (www.wpoinc.com) is the purveyor of an actionable best-practice metrics dashboard for b2b web presence optimization (WPO). Its patent pending WPO Metrics Dashboard and proprietary metrics were field-developed by a collaboration of digital marketing, SEO, and PR professionals. It’s well suited for smaller and midsize companies that sell b2b and/or considered-purchase b2c products and services. The WPO Metrics Dashboard is a monthly subscription-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product.

Media Contact:  Brant Skogrand, KC Associates, LLC, Brant@kc-associates.com, 626.756.4763

  • What is WPO?

    Web presence is essentially web visibility—it’s about being as ubiquitous and easy-to-find as possible when buyers are searching for what you and your competitors sell. Any information about your company or products that appears somewhere online contributes to your web presence. Tracking, managing and continually improving this for relevant, maximum exposure is optimization.

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