WPOinc provides industry-leading tools for CMOs to measure online brand performance and competitive webshare.

While there’s no shortage of tools that provide metrics, most are tactical and siloed in their approach. They don’t forecast trends nor do they show you the interrelationships between online marketing disciplines. And they don’t provide any competitive context.

The bottom line? They don’t help you make strategic decisions. Just 35% of b2b marketing leaders believe they can demonstrate the value of marketing efforts all or most of the time. As the C-suite increases pressure to produce these metrics, the importance of measuring online effectiveness continues to rise.

WPOinc was founded in 2012 by marketing veterans specifically to address the strategic measurement problems faced by marketing leaders.

Presenza tracks, measures, and forecasts online brand and content marketing performance.

PresenzaSM is b2b online marketing performance measurement software for CMOs. It gives you what you need without all the extraneous, distracting tactical detail. And it isn’t more do-it-yourself slice-and-dice analytics.

View at-a-glance online multichannel performance for paid, owned, earned and shared content. Get trend forecasts that show which areas are on target, and where adjustments are needed. Reverse-engineer competitors’ strategies and benchmark online performance.

Presenza’s web presence optimization-based reports provide visibility into online content productivity and brand performance across press, social, website, paid, email, and industry channels.

What sets Presenza apart? Competitive benchmarks, performance trends, and forecasts (see your web presence trajectory, not just where you’ve been) among other attributes. Busy CMOs (are there any other kind?) can quickly review content and competitive performance at a high level—with the ability to drill into what’s driving specific metrics as needed.

Visit Presenza.biz or contact us to learn more.

  • What is WPO?

    Web presence is essentially web visibility—it’s about being as ubiquitous and easy-to-find as possible when buyers are searching for what you and your competitors sell. Any information about your company or products that appears somewhere online contributes to your web presence. Tracking, managing and continually improving this for relevant, maximum exposure is optimization.

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